4 oz. Patchouli Earth Lotion
4 oz Patchouli Earth Lotion
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Natural, whole body lotion made with patchouli essential oil. Patchouli...what is patchouli? Well, most people remember the 60's when they think of patchouli, and that can be good or bad! Patchouli is actually a tropical flower with a strong scent. Our patchouli is a bit sweeter than what you might remember. We add lavender and vanilla essential oils to our already awesome patchouli, to create one awesomer lotion! This 4 oz. version is great for travel or your purse! Lotion made with organic shea butter is extremely moisturizing, and it is great for all skin types
No More Bugzzzâ„¢
Summer is almost here!!!
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This 100% Natural, water based insect repellent puts essential oils to the test and helps keep the bugs away! Tested on bugs, with great results (they don't like it!). Apply to skin as needed. This spray is great and safe for the whole body, so pump it a few times, and get under it! It also works great and is safe on dogs!